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Monday, December 04, 2006

Is change worth the risk?

Some papers, like The Wall Street Journal, would answer "yes" to this question. They are currently redesigning the look of their paper to save money.

Paul Steiger, The Wall Street Journal's managing editor, elaborates on the paper's upcoming design.
So the way we've adapted the print paper is to make it more user-friendly, have greater recognition that many if not all of our readers will know what yesterday's announcement news was, to devote more of our space to added value.
We are squeezing the size of announcement news and devoting more of the space to stuff that may spring from news that everybody knows but where we've added value. And also devoted more space to stuff that's entirely our own.
There are many pros and cons to redesigning a paper, especially if it's been around awhile. The paper should be easy to navigate and should remain recognizable. Familiarity is an important element that long-time readers desire, and it also establishes tradition. Hopefully this change gives The Wall Street Journal a hitch in their step and not a bullet in their own foot.


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