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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

College papers stand and deliver

Successful college newspapers are now catching the eye of large newspaper corporations. These papers prove college students are the perfect group to target with their many needs and spending decisions.

Dina Pradel, general manager of Y2M, explains the reason why college papers are successful is very clear.

"The typical campus audience they cater to is 'a very attractive demographic,' a group whose members will spend $1 million or more in buying things and services over a lifetime. While in college, many students will be making major first-time purchasing decisions - cars, insurance, electronics - a market advertisers dearly covet."

Interesting enough, with the scare of print edition of papers burning out like a light bulb, there's still a high percentage of students who are still reading their campus paper via print edition. These numbers have remained consistent over the past few years.

I believe students will continue to read their campus paper simply because it's got the news that's directly happening in their life and it's typically written by their peers and classmates. It's also a plus, atleast on our campus, college papers are delivered directly to every single student's mailbox making it readily available.


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