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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How easy can it get?

You don't have to worry about finding news. The news will find you. NBC News is now extending their services way beyond the traditional means of dispersing news.

As of Monday, news can now be watched in the form of video podcasts. The reason for this technological addition is simple.
"It makes sense to provide the content to viewers in whatever format they prefer," deputy editor Randy Stearns said. He said that still believes that streaming ad-supported video-on-demand is what users want.
News is everywhere and it's important that people keep up to date with the news. In a world like ours, we're always on the go. Therefore, as news hungry people, we need more options available. If we miss the televised version of the 6:00 news there's no worries -- get online and download the video podcast version.

As long as the news remains accessible to readers who want it and can get it on their own time, multiple options in the news field is the way to go.


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this is so crazy Katie; you should read my latest blog! Almost verbatim. :)

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