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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Slide across the ice to your seat!

Numerous movies are scheduled to come out over the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of the major family movies featured is "Happy Feet", which is expected to be an avalanche at the box office.

So why the choice of penguins in an animated film?

"I was amazed that these creatures, half the size of human beings, lived by community in this very immense and harsh landscape - very beautiful, but very tough landscape," marvels George Miller, movie director. "And they did it by sharing the warmth, by basically sharing energy. When I knew that they sang to each other to find a mate, I was really blown away by that."

The audience for "Happy Feet" isn't just targeted toward the little ones because adults, too, will enjoy this film. This movie stars the voices of Robbin Williams, Elijah Wood, and other well-known actors and actresses.

"Happy Feet" is a great example of a generic hybrid. The movie contains the genres of Action/Adventure, Kids/Family, Musical/Performing Arts and Animation. Adults will also get their dose of comedy from the expected wise-crack jokes coming from Williams' character.

Spirits of all will be running high and jokes and laughter will be plentiful inside theatres with "Happy Feet" over the holidays beginning Nov. 17.


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