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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The golden answers!

Recently in my Edit/Design class we discussed the differences in appearances of journalism. Big, bold and in-your-face tabloids are just screaming, 'Read me!', while lengthy, tiny printed, established newspapers elegantly say to young readers, 'Look at me, I'm boring'.

An article from throws out a few possible solutions for newspapers to excel in the future.
(They include) emphasizing local coverage, offering news stories you can't get anywhere else, keeping it short and to the point, picking a point of view, maintaining strong sport coverage, prompting circulation every once in awhile, and possibly making the big switch over to tabloids.
People will continue to keep up with the news, because it helps them makes sense of the world by constructing and representing reality. News is also driven by popularity and by what the audience wants. If news served with firecrackers is what they want, then they better strap on their explosive hats!


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