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Monday, November 06, 2006

No more ads please!

Great, here comes more ads to our newspapers. Google Inc. is experimenting with the sale of print ads for newspapers in hopes that it turns out better than last year.

Google is attempting to simplify the process of selecting ads by allowing companies to bid on the ads according to their size, section and days offered.
"We need to figure out whether the upsides outweigh the downsides, and we won't know that until the test is done," said Tara Connell, corporate communications vice president for Gannett Co., which has eight of its 90 daily newspapers, not including USA Today, participating in the test.
Google's first intention is to have the testing period be free. The online mega-company will later be charging a fee for these featured ads. Online companies are looking backwards to attract a specific audience by reverting back to print. This should be interesting for newspapers to hear.

I feel the addition of more ads to our newspapers will kill off even more of its loyal readers. More ads means less space for actual news. You can compare this to listening to a radio station for solely the musical aspect and in turn you get more talk commercials than actual music. This doesn't make any sense.


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